Always nice to know what they get up to when they hang out!

Always nice to know what they get up to when they hang out!

Boys playing around on a plane!
Hope everyone in Moscow enjoy having the boys come and cock about in their town :)

Completely native! With an iPhone ..

Already now you can pre-order The Burma Special on DVD from!

The release date is June 2nd :) 

This looks like it’s going to be EPIC fun. Also, when packing for a trip to Burma always remember 1) cut-off denim shorts 2) tie and 3) reading glasses. 

For those of you who are unaware - or just started following recently - I designed to shirts containing the boys’ names on TeeBusters where you can vote and then the design may go on sale for 48 hours. 
In November the design with the Surnames went on sale, I think it is possible for you to vote for it again so that it may go on sale once more, but until then there’s a bigger chance of getting the FIRST NAMES shirt on sale if you go vote in the link at the top of this!

Just posting this in case you guys missed the last shirt - or wanted one of these :) 

Keep quiet, people!

Keep quiet, people!

Lovely little getaway without the Hamster..

Aaw, a wet and shivering little Hamster! Still cute though ;)

"I have an erection!"

— Richard Hammond while driving a tank, wearing a mustache and chasing James May.