Anonymous said: I don't recognize one of the gifs in the photoset of May in glasses posted on August 20, 2013 (way way back in the history- I feel a bit stalkery). It's the one that shows him in the yellow shirt with more close cropped hair. It looks almost like he's winking, so super cute! Where would that be from?

You’re always welcome to go through the entire backlog of the blog without feeling like a stalker ;) 

But if you could link me to the exact post helping you would become much easier :) 

Cute boys!

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Jezza’s new book is available for pre-order now on Amazon. 

Out on Sept. 25th! 

Love the cover :D

I am Hammond.

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I love that he doesn’t answer but just expects a favor :D

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Well, it’s good to be polite isn’t it? ;) 

I’m sure Hammond has nightmares about those words.. 

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But it isn’t just the bench. This is bigger.

Yes Jeremy. Just yes. ;) 

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Always plug your colleagues’ work properly! ;)
UK People: Remember to watch James’ new show on BBC2 at 9 pm!


Jeremy as a witness of a kink video shooting.

This entire thing made me laugh - but it also made me slightly uncomfortable. I can only imagine how Jeremy felt!