Look at those tiny babies ;) 

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Nobody needs context..

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Hammond apparently is a big fan of a stiff Black Cock! Who knew?

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I’m sure Jez could fit more hammers in his if he tried a bit harder..


i doodled a dumb thing

This is cute!

Well, it sounds like it was a good thing he wasn’t trying to procreate ;) 

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The other good news was that because we weren’t in Vietnam or anywhere foreign, I had control of the catering.

I feel for you Hammo! Gotta enjoy being able to have food you know ;) 

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Nooo, you all know that’s not the right animals! You’re and Orangutan, a Hamster and a Spaniel - don’t go and change it ;)

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Look at that. On one hand I just can’t help but think “God they age well!” and on the other hand I wanna cry because who knows when that hair will be too grey for them to keep on doing TG? 

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Happy 54th Birthday Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson!! <3

My favorite Orangutan in the entire world <3